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The gym would also use it for community events such as nerf Isometric Exercise Machine wars, birthday parties and festivals with adult inflatables, Rebecca said. The second phase of the expansion, which is expected to be complete around September, is another turf room that is just the right length to practice pitching. Best Exercise Equipment Minor league baseball player Juan Espinosa will train local athletes using the space, Chico said. A new 15,000 square-foot expansion will add more space for athletes to train at GAC Fitness in Springboro.(Staff Writer) Between both spaces, the expansion will use 24 rolls of turf, each weighing 2,500 to 3,000 pounds. After phase two, the Grajedas plan to renovate another space to hold half a basketball court and a volleyball net so local athletes that already do strength, speed, agility and other training at the gym can use the sport-specific spaces to refine skills. Though not part of this expansion, Chico and Rebecca plan to raise the ceilings at the building within the next few years. “We are so diverse in everything and that was my vision three years ago,” Chico said. “Now with the expansion we have that opportunity to be unique.” » BIZ BEAT:  Family Video closing 2 area stores, selling movies for as low as $1 The current expansion is the second in the three years since Chico and Rebecca purchased the gym. The first 10,000-square-foot expansion brought Breakout Boxing to the gym. Chico works with about 25 athletes a day in the summer. While Springboro High School brings the most students with 50 soccer players this summer, athletes from Fairmont, Alter High School, Waynesville High School, and Franklin High School train at GAC.

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